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You can learn more about the advantages of automated doors by reading answers to some of our customers’ frequently asked questions. To order your doors today, call Automated Door, Inc. at 505-891-0255.


Do I have to use the "Factory Authorized Distributor" to service my automated door?


Answer: No. "Factory Authorized" is nothing more than a way to generate revenue for that dealer. You can take your Ford car to the Ford dealer; however, you will probably pay more for the repairs than going to a reputable mechanic. We can work on any kind of automated door, and we have the proper licensing and bonding to legally complete the work.


Can Automated Door, Inc. obtain any parts needed for servicing my automated doors?


Answer: Absolutely. We can obtain parts directly from the manufacturer, or a master distributor for any brand of door used in the United States.


What training is required for servicing automated doors?


Answer: Repairing an automated door requires both mechanical and electrical skills. Our automated door technicians are highly trained and skilled. As noted before, we are properly licensed and bonded. According to the law, the technician should be currently licensed and bonded in the state of New Mexico.


Why should I choose Automated Door, Inc. as my service company?


Answer: We have the experience and education to properly perform service on your automated doors. Our staff was trained from various factories. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of mechanical and electrical components – AAADAM and journeyman certified.


Above all, we are the best in the state of New Mexico for automated doors. We have gone to great lengths to provide excellence in service and installation to our great many customers. We hope that you will choose Automated Door, Inc. for your service and installation needs.


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